The Benefits of a Court Reporter in Divorce Cases

Divorce can be simple, or it can be highly complex to the nth degree. It depends on the issues that may come up. In complex divorce cases, it may be important to have depositions made of the parties involved or other witnesses that will help in pre-trial discovery.

Depositions are out-of-court sworn statements that are recorded and transcribed for later use at trial. Prior to taking a deposition, the deponent is asked to swear to the accuracy of the statements that will be made in answer to the deposer’s questions, much like taking an oath while in court. In a divorce case in Texas, for example, while the deposition may take place in the lawyer’s office, a court reporter will be the one to administer the oath, record the deposition, and transcribe it.

If you are in Iowa but your witness is in Texas, the office of your Cedar Rapids divorce lawyer may be too far for the witness to go to. In such cases, video conferencing can be used as long as a court reporter is present during the entire process.

A court reporter is necessary for taking depositions to validate the accuracy and objectiveness of the transcript, because this is may be a crucial element in a civil or criminal court proceeding. It can be used to rebut a witness’s testimony, or take the place of a terminally-ill, since-deceased, or otherwise unavailable witness. It is also a valuable tool for refreshing the memory of a witness who suddenly forgets what happened.

The benefits of a court reporter in divorce cases are to obtain and produce deposition transcripts that can help clear up some murky issues. This may help speed up the process because depositions can be very convincing. For example, if the issue of child custody hinges on whether or not alleged domestic violence by one parent can be proven, depositions by witnesses such as neighbors, domestic workers, or family members are invaluable, especially if they all indicate the same state of matters. Other issues where depositions can be crucial involve the financial aspect of a marriage such as facts about income, bank accounts, and property.

If you anticipate a difficult divorce, you may have need of a court reporter’s services. Your divorce lawyer most likely has contacts with a reputable court reporting service provider to handle depositions for you.