The Tooth of the Matter is Oral Health Matters

Dental care is not a top priority for most people; that is, until something starts to hurt. When that happens, you can’t get to a dentist fast enough because when something in the mouth hurts, your whole life is a misery. But the fact is, the best type of oral health is one that is preventive. It is one of the more important aspects of overall health because it is the first indicator of the general condition of the body. In addition, poor oral health can lead to many complications ranging from tooth decay to stroke.

Oral health is much more than the condition of the teeth in terms of esthetics; it also includes the gums, tongue, and jaw. Studies indicate that there is a correlation between gum disease and pre-term babies with low birth weight, heart disease and stroke. While many will argue that the primary function of the dentist is to ensure that the teeth are healthy, problems with other parts of the oral cavity can have a significant impact on overall health, and dentists are specialists trained specifically to oversee oral health.

Most (90%) of systemic diseases (those that affect more than a particular part of the body) such as diabetes and chronic liver disease can also be detected in the mouth, so a well-trained and attentive professional may detect the first signs of a serious health problem. This is why it is important that people visit their dentists regularly and not only when there is an obvious problem.

Prevention and early detection are key aspects of maintaining oral health, and while the teeth are the main focus of attention of most people, dentists know when incipient trouble is brewing even when the teeth are healthy. Make your oral care a priority in your life and you will avoid a lot of health complications now and later in life.