Troubled Waters

Embarking on a cruise is meant to be a time of adventurous fun and relaxation. Cruise goers can experience being surrounded by the vast beauty of the ocean while enjoying spa treatments, entertaining theatrical displays, and quality time with their company. The communal setting allows for interaction between cruise patrons in many settings onboard. This close proximity can be dangerous when sexual predators are also onboard these cruises. The United States Department of Transportation and each cruise company are collaborating to solve the major issue of high rates of sexual assault while onboard a cruise ship. Sexual assault is an extremely difficult epidemic that can leave victims injured physically and in most cases with serious psychological trauma.

On the high waters, sexual assault has become a major issue for the safety of cruise patrons and staff onboard. Rape culture in the modern world is a result of an overall desensitization of the general population. Viscous narratives in modern society that embody the disrespect and lack of empathy towards women are responsible for an increase in a multitude of violent incidents of assault. Specifically, the language used by figures such as the President of the United States is shaping the fragile minds of followers everywhere. When individuals in this seat of power speak grossly and without respect for their counterparts they invite other minds to join them in backward methods of cognition that feed on violence and dominance. In regards to rape cases, the term – sexual assault – can be used as an encompassing term for any physical sexual acts committed without the other person’s consent or when they are unable to provide consent. In the unfortunate event that this occurs, it is suggested that the victim seek proper follow up in the form of filing charges and giving testimony to the atrocities they endured. Survivors of sexual assault are strong individuals who have overcome great psychological trauma, and providing testimony with the help of an attorney like those from the Vucci Law Group against their offender may be extremely difficult and painful, but can help to bring the offending party to justice. If we do not bring these cases to light we can not adequately solve the issue at hand, rape culture invokes violence in fragile minds that lack empathy for fellow living being.

Violence of any kind has no place in the future of our society. Sexual assault is a gross form of violence in that it leaves a victim in a state of self deprecation, continued paranoia, and possibility for withdrawal from society. In the cruise industry sexual assault cases and statistics are coming to light thus showing a very dark reality where rape is extremely common and usually goes unpunished. Recently, the rate of sexual assault on a cruise ship has skyrocketed 550% compared to previous years. The dangers of rape culture are grave and it is the duty of every citizen to unify and stand against sexaul assault.