Defective Products

One of the greatest feelings we have is when that awesome package finally gets to the doorstep, or when you’re walking out the store with something you really wanted. The excitement to sit down at home, open it and enjoy it is almost unbearable sometimes, it’s like giving yourself a present for Christmas. Even better is if a package arrives earlier than expected and you’re either home to get it, or it’s right at your doorstep once you do get home; it adds a nice little touch of genuine surprise.

Recently, I bought an air-powered pellet gun from online. It was a hundred bucks with a scope and everything, I thought it’d be fun to use to hunt varmint while feeling like a sniper. When I got it, I unboxed it and admired it all. It looked great, was all wooden and made in Spain, very slick and gorgeous piece. I got the pellets out, printed some targets out to stick to a tree so I could calibrate the sights, and then the scope. Once I was all situated in the backyard to calibrate this thing, I opened it up to put a pellet inside, and it had a very subtle hitch while opening it up. I closed it up and aimed down the sites at the target and took the first shot with it, and the spring inside must have totally snapped because the barrel opened up and hit me right in the chest.

I didn’t get particularly hurt, the pellet had left the barrel before it flipped back open and hit me, and the actual impact from the barrel wasn’t too painful, but my initial reaction was pretty angry. The gun had a real propensity to be very dangerous and had I not lucked out, the damage could have been much, much worse. My chest was slightly nicked where the end of the barrel hit me, but there wasn’t any real deep damage, just a surface wound. After I collected my bearings from my slight overreaction, I took it upon myself to file the incident to the relevant places so I could get a new gun, all the while thinking how much further I would have taken the issue had I been really injured. There are stories on this website of much worse defective product accidents.

Thankfully, the process boiled over more than well. They reimbursed me completely and gave me a new pellet gun completely free of charge, the company made me not want to pursue them for any reason. It seemed like it was a true accident that they were very apologetic for and wanted to correct. The new one I got is arguably better than the one I bought initially, it’s even nicer and much stronger, and the scope feels like I’m playing a video game. The best part? It works flawlessly and doesn’t hit me in the chest, ever.