Injuries elderly may sustain from negligent nursing home staffs

Many families decide to bring their elderly loved one in nursing homes to ensure their safety, comfort, and health. However, elderly are at risk of suffering serious or even fatal injuries if they are entrusted to the hands of negligent nursing home staffs.

To ensure elderly safety, nursing home staffs are required by the NC Division of Health Service Regulation to undergo at least two training courses every year. But there are times that nursing home residents are deliberately neglected by staffs. Elderly are often physically weak, they are at risk of suffering bodily injuries like broken hip bones from slip and fall. Elderly are also at risk of injuries when staffs fail to keep away clutter around the facility. In some situations, elderly who are suffering from a serious illness may have their condition worsen if nurses are negligent in giving them their medicines.

The Clawson & Staubes, LLC: Injury Group lawyers say on their website that financial exploitation, neglect, physical and emotional abuse are some of the forms of elderly abuses. There are many instances that elderly who have been abused by a nursing home staff were afraid of complaining as they might think that the negligent or abusive staff harms them again. Families might realize that their elderly loved one is being abused or neglected if they become unhygienic or they become unreasonably weak due to poor health condition. Families are left devastated when their elderly relative is neglected or abused. Such negligence and abuse also translate to great financial loss if the maltreated elderly is required to undergo medical treatment to recover.

Families who believed that their elderly loved ones have been abused or neglected while inside elderly care facilities should know that they may hold negligent parties liable for the sufferings endured by an elderly. As such facilities are regulated by state and federal laws, negligent parties may be penalized and elderly may possibly get compensations they need to recover.